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Second Officer

The Matrix University (MU) was designed to provide a chance for Non-Starfleet Members to learn more about the Trek World. These courses may also be used for promotional credit on the USS Matrix. Each Division of the USS Matrix is encouraged to develop a course of study for their particular area. Each curriculum has a Director, who acts as a point of contact and maintains a web page with the requirements for that particular course of study. These degree programs include course work, which may be used for partial or full promotional credit. Other programs require the completion of entry exams as well as additional course work for advancement through the degree programs of Bachelors (BA or BS), Masters (MA or MS) and Doctorate (PhD). The different degree programs must be completed in order and may be completed by e-mail; some PhD programs may require the use of Galactic Snail Mail (Postal Service).

Course requests will be e-mailed to the ship's Second Officer (SO). Please check the web page or a current roster if you have any questions.

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